"Trick or treat..." "wait, noo Jack caught us, run run run, he will eat us." - Cheer. 

Halloween. What's Halloween? I mean like what is the real meaning of "Halloween"? Well, (some resources say) Halloween is an annual holiday on October, 31st, primarily in Canada, Ireland, United States & United Kingdom (oops, why there is no Indonesia?) In Halloween, people always do common activities like wearing costume, "trick or treating", carving Jack O' Lantern, Ghost Tour, watching horror movies and many more. 

Wait, all I know is that Halloween is full of "horror" movies and candy day (trick or treat, right?) Oh and one more, I do think Jack O' Lantern (which is only a tale-story) is alive. Look he's on my home. Right now. Yes, he's eating the Halloween oreos, and drinking tea. What a life? Gotta love him. 

Kisses, xoxorawr & Jack. 

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