Old Pretty Things.

This post contains my old-edited-pictures. All the picture I post are mine (I take the picture & edit them) :)

This picture remains me on how I love cupcakes so much. 
The picture was taken on 2009ish. I was in the backyard eating some cupcakes. 

Cute Minnie T-Shirt. 

I don't know what is that thing actually. I just take them from my mum's room. HAHA. 

My favorite things! (This is my MUM'S. Again)

Tomorrow is Math test. Be back soon with tons of flawless pictures. 
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....still waiting for the Mr. Right. 



Hey bloggies. No, no. Yeah I know it's Thursday. I should've come here on Sunday right? remember?
SO....I just had Biology and Economy test which make me go "OMG, I'm going to die" {I know I'm overacted but well that's the truth!} I think I'll pass those tests well, but well....let's see. :]
Anyway {the bad news} is...tomorrow's test is MATH. D: HELL NO.

I'm going to start study now. See ya soon bloggies.


{Oh anyway...I'm starting to like All Time Low. You know that Six Feet under the Stars is so addicted, it's like a bomb to your ears. GO LISTEN!)