New Obsession.

So hey folks, long time no updates. New period's here, I'm officially 9th grader now. (Show your geek-y pride YAY!) hehee. I kind of miss you all.
Just so you know, I'm not gonna post flawless picture for now. I have a busy-busy-busy schedule. I will post them later, no worry.

Well yep. I'm not a Belieber anymore. Let me repeat. I'm not a BELIEBER anymore.
I don't know why, but sometimes I do think that Belieber is so low, especially on Twitter. They just want 100x100 followers you know? And that's so akjdsgfakjskfa. No I don't hate Justin Bieber, I hate the low-fans. I guess I'm still listening to his music, but not a freak-ish fans anymore. Sorry.

And now I guess I'm just gonna listen to Taylor Swift, Paramore, All Time Low & Katy Perry's music the most. Not gonna lie, but they're all have talent, more than Bieber. Okay.
& the new obsession is ; the hotness 30 Seconds to Mars <3
I'm so gonna be a freak whenever I saw Jared Leto popping out on my television ;D

Kisses, xoxorawr.