I love you. ♥ 
This post dedicated to Allah, my mom & dad, my twins, the famous-five (no longer exist), GLEE, Miley Cyrus and Paramore.
Oops...I forget mentioned your name.
....well the point is I love every single person who reads this post.
SMILE. You deserve to be loved. :)


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Flawless Things.

Did I ever mention that I love flawless things & light color? If I didn't, you better get to your seat back and pluck your seatbelt on. Because I will show you a little bit about those things. IMAGES. :)

Here we go...

I edited those pictures by myself. (& I'm really-really sorry I have to pick those yummy cookies and starbucks; which can make you go "WANT THOSE") xD Haha. 
Anyway...would you mind to put up some "comments" please? Thanks.

xoxorawr. :)

First Post Ever.

So yep. Here we go. My name's Dina. I'm 13. I love pretty things, light color, boots & starbucks. There are so many things I still couldn't fit with the design on this blog. I'm still working in it. & now, I feel so starving. Haven't have my dinner yet. So bye folks. See ya.

xoxorawr. :)