Updates 2

This is the example post that I post on my Tumblr so if you're interested just click the link I gave you from the previous post. Enjoy <3


Hey folks just wanna say that it's been a very busy week though there's no such a final exam! So... once again if you still want to keep in touch with me just simply e-mail me!
And... since I'm more into Tumblr for now on just follow mine -> barefootxdream.tumblr.com :)
I post so much quotes lately and beautiful stunning hollywood photos.

Kisses-hugs, me miss you folks!


Hi, my name's Izzie Salvatore and I really love vampire.
The end.

kisses, xoxorawr


Besok. Hm. Ada apa ya sama besok? Aduh duh duh duh aku lupa ingatan. Ya besok. Ada apa ya?


Hello Hi Hai folks, what's up? :) Hmm rasanya udh jarang banget ya aku nge-post di sini. Soalnya akhir-akhir ini sibuk banget, jadi nyempetin aja nih post di sini sekarang.

So...ada new member nih di keluargaku. Namanya DOMO (boneka) dia itu kartun favorite dari Jepang. Agak "menyeramkan" sih, tapi dia lucu kok. Dan yg bikin gemes adalah dia selalu membuka mulutnya lebar-lebar, he loves to make a "RAWR" sound!

Look he's trying to make a fool! 

My DOMO with beard. Such a cool dude. 

DOMO with Dini classic glasses and MY STARBUCKS COFFE MUG! 

Last picture! I drew a DOMO on my hand! (gambarnya kabur heehe)

So yeah, DOMO RAWR. 

Kisses, xoxorawr and domo.

P.S. ; Those pictures above are all taken and edited by me, which is absolutely credit to me. 

New Obsession.

So hey folks, long time no updates. New period's here, I'm officially 9th grader now. (Show your geek-y pride YAY!) hehee. I kind of miss you all.
Just so you know, I'm not gonna post flawless picture for now. I have a busy-busy-busy schedule. I will post them later, no worry.

Well yep. I'm not a Belieber anymore. Let me repeat. I'm not a BELIEBER anymore.
I don't know why, but sometimes I do think that Belieber is so low, especially on Twitter. They just want 100x100 followers you know? And that's so akjdsgfakjskfa. No I don't hate Justin Bieber, I hate the low-fans. I guess I'm still listening to his music, but not a freak-ish fans anymore. Sorry.

And now I guess I'm just gonna listen to Taylor Swift, Paramore, All Time Low & Katy Perry's music the most. Not gonna lie, but they're all have talent, more than Bieber. Okay.
& the new obsession is ; the hotness 30 Seconds to Mars <3
I'm so gonna be a freak whenever I saw Jared Leto popping out on my television ;D

Kisses, xoxorawr.  

Forever and Always.

........And I stare at the phone; he still hasn't called
And then you feel so low, you can't feel nothin' at all
And you flashback to when he said,  forever and always
Oh, oh

And it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
'Cause I was there when you said forever and always..............

I still remember those words. I won't forget. 
And if I could, I would happily see you cry. 
You have to know everyone has a feeling. And you mustn't break it. 

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

Sweet November.

Hello Sweet November. Please be good to ME. <3 

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

P.S. ; Guys please mark the 25th November on your calendar! FOR ME? Please? ;) 


"Trick or treat..." "wait, noo Jack caught us, run run run, he will eat us." - Cheer. 

Halloween. What's Halloween? I mean like what is the real meaning of "Halloween"? Well, (some resources say) Halloween is an annual holiday on October, 31st, primarily in Canada, Ireland, United States & United Kingdom (oops, why there is no Indonesia?) In Halloween, people always do common activities like wearing costume, "trick or treating", carving Jack O' Lantern, Ghost Tour, watching horror movies and many more. 

Wait, all I know is that Halloween is full of "horror" movies and candy day (trick or treat, right?) Oh and one more, I do think Jack O' Lantern (which is only a tale-story) is alive. Look he's on my home. Right now. Yes, he's eating the Halloween oreos, and drinking tea. What a life? Gotta love him. 

Kisses, xoxorawr & Jack. 


I will make some rules here, it'll probably published on Wednesday, but I don't really sure. Don't be surprised, I feel like someone is "trying" to follow all of my styles. Naaah, but I do think everyone is welcome here. I just don't like if you don't have your own style. Yes, just that. Thanks, keep in touch.

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

Flawless People. 2

Besides Dianna Agron, I do think that Katy Perry has a beautiful & amazing style. It's not only because she dresses up nicely, but because she has a cute and strong smile. In this post, I will post more about Katy's flawless picture.

I told you, she looks really amazing in every pictures taken. You just can't resist the flawless from her eyes, obviously. 
Want more Katy Perry pictures? Just e-mail me here -> rahadina01@yahoo.co.id 

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

Cookies all the way.

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

It's raining, again...reminds me of you, your beautiful eyes, your cute smile, your gorgeous lips.
I guess, I guess... I miss the "old" you, Mr. Right. 

Kisses, xoxorawr. 


New url. p-reckless. Simple, that's from the song Pretty Reckless by Taylor Momsen.

From now on....

I won't post more often. I'll probably post edited-pictures & some of my real-life stories every Wednesday. Yes @ computer lesson. You know, I have a lot of things to do, national exams getting closer, that's so insane.

Just to make sure that everything is okay, contact me here ; 


Oh wait, sometimes I can really get online and posting inspirational pictures though, depends on the condition. But don't worry you can still K. I. T. with me via e-mail above! :) 

Kisses,  xoxorawr.

{♥} 2


Yaaay akhirnya UAS (sebenernya perbaikan BI sih -_-) selesai juga! Dan tau gak? Hasil ulangan perbaikannya bagus sih :P hasilnya 100, loh. Gak apa-apalah kan jarang BI dapet bagus kayak gitu :)


Hari ini adalah hari terakhir Ulangan Akhir Semester Genap kelas 8, tapi aku ga merasa senang sama sekali. Bukan karena aku mau ulangan lagi -_- tapi....aaah sepertinya lupakan saja. Aku sudah sangat capek dengan kehidupan yg terkadang aku rasa sangat monoton. 
Anyway untuk menghapus kesedihanku hari ini, sebenernya sih sama anak kelas 8X mau jalan-jalan, tapi akunya kabur duluan, so......aku hanya berdiam di depan laptop bututku sambil makan es krim. YUMM :] 

Mood booster banget kan? :] 

Kisses, xoxorawr. 

P.S. ; Buat anak-anak 8X yg jalan-jalan belikan aku sesuatu ya, di rumah ga ada makanan :P  

Dear RAIN, I love you.

It was raining so hard. I feel like my life is so complete, so I drew a picture. 
I bet the one who loves sunshine never knew how awesome dancing in the rain 


Flawless People.

Dianna Agron really has a strong flaw. For those who don't know who Dianna Agron is..well she's Quinn on Glee. ♥ 

Flawless Things 2.

Cute socks. It was my sister's feet. HAHA. 

Never out of a style. Black & White together, make you more flawless. 



Ayeee, what's up bloggies? Just got home from school {from math test, exactly} the test was sooooo ASJAJKFHKJSHFJKAJHS as always. 
But there's a good news. I'm going to post some of my edited-pictures about GLEE. AYOOO. :)

(from left to right) ; Mercedes, Rachel, Santana and Quinn. My favorite is Quinn, obviously. 

QUINN & RACHEL. This picture is so flawless and beautiful. 

Quinn is like an angel from above. Look at her face, look at the way she smiles. You'll know. 

Told you, an ANGEL

I guess that's all for now. Tell me if you loved to see another GLEE-EDITED-PICTURES by me. Comment this post? e-mail me? {rahadina01@yahoo.co.id} thanks. 


Old Pretty Things.

This post contains my old-edited-pictures. All the picture I post are mine (I take the picture & edit them) :)

This picture remains me on how I love cupcakes so much. 
The picture was taken on 2009ish. I was in the backyard eating some cupcakes. 

Cute Minnie T-Shirt. 

I don't know what is that thing actually. I just take them from my mum's room. HAHA. 

My favorite things! (This is my MUM'S. Again)

Tomorrow is Math test. Be back soon with tons of flawless pictures. 
Any thoughts? JUST COMMENT or e-mail me here : rahadina01@yahoo.co.id



....still waiting for the Mr. Right. 



Hey bloggies. No, no. Yeah I know it's Thursday. I should've come here on Sunday right? remember?
SO....I just had Biology and Economy test which make me go "OMG, I'm going to die" {I know I'm overacted but well that's the truth!} I think I'll pass those tests well, but well....let's see. :]
Anyway {the bad news} is...tomorrow's test is MATH. D: HELL NO.

I'm going to start study now. See ya soon bloggies.


{Oh anyway...I'm starting to like All Time Low. You know that Six Feet under the Stars is so addicted, it's like a bomb to your ears. GO LISTEN!) 

I want to travel the world so so bad.

Yep. The title says it all. I want to travel the world so so bad. My dream countries are UK, France, United States (that's like everyone dream countries, isn't it?) and South Africa. 

Oh anyway....frigging exam's getting closer. I won't post more often. I will be back next Sunday. Right next Sunday, note that. 
GOOD LUCK everyone. :)



I did rubbish things & the only reason was just because I'm really really bored. I actually have many things to do, but I don't wanna do it right now. 

First I painted a cute panda. That picture's like a kindegarten's right? but who cares? :P

Second; I made this. 

That is so STUNNING. and look my hand is so skinny. -___-
But I could really use a wish that someone would take me out tonight; because I want to see people & I want to see the lights. :]


My Unique (not) Face.

The real me. But you can't never catch my really-really face. 


I love you. ♥ 
This post dedicated to Allah, my mom & dad, my twins, the famous-five (no longer exist), GLEE, Miley Cyrus and Paramore.
Oops...I forget mentioned your name.
....well the point is I love every single person who reads this post.
SMILE. You deserve to be loved. :)


P.S. ; write a comment on this post if you love me. thanks.

Flawless Things.

Did I ever mention that I love flawless things & light color? If I didn't, you better get to your seat back and pluck your seatbelt on. Because I will show you a little bit about those things. IMAGES. :)

Here we go...

I edited those pictures by myself. (& I'm really-really sorry I have to pick those yummy cookies and starbucks; which can make you go "WANT THOSE") xD Haha. 
Anyway...would you mind to put up some "comments" please? Thanks.

xoxorawr. :)

First Post Ever.

So yep. Here we go. My name's Dina. I'm 13. I love pretty things, light color, boots & starbucks. There are so many things I still couldn't fit with the design on this blog. I'm still working in it. & now, I feel so starving. Haven't have my dinner yet. So bye folks. See ya.

xoxorawr. :)